Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Our #1 priority is to eliminate all data on devices and give our customers 100% Peace-of-Mind. TechReuse specializes in computer reuse and no computer can be reused without first destroying all electronic data.Hard drive shredding Seattle

TechReuse uses custom built software to wipe hard drives, produce certificates of data erasure and audit reports. SEE SAMPLE REPORT

Ask for an onsite demonstration of our custom data wiping and audit report software!

Here are the features of our custom data wiping software:

  • Wipes hard drive using the HMG Infosec Standard 5
  • Generates a certificate of erasure with the following details:
    • Serial number of the hard drive
    • Serial number of the computer
    • Wipe date and duration of wipe
    • Size of hard drive
    • Wipe date 
    • Number of wipes (Select from one to five passes) 
    • Manufacturer and model of the computer

Standard Data Wipe: All hard drives are erased or destroyed for free! No charge for standard data wiping.

Certified Data Wipe and Audit Report: Hard drives are securely erased with our custom data wiping software and certificate of data destruction and audit report is generated with details including serial number of the hard drive, the wipe data and time, wipe methodology, hard drive size, plus the make, model and serial number of the computer. This service is free generally free for computers with high reuse value. A per unit fee charged for low-value computers.


  • On-Site Hard Drive Wiping: Hard drives are wiped onsite by a trained technician.
  • Shredding:  Onsite or offsite hard drive and media (tape/CD/DVD) shredding.
  • Secure Transport:  All computers are securely placed in a locked vehicle for transport to processing facility. 
  • Locked bins and totes for loose data devices
  • Videotaped or witnessed destruction
  • Secure Transport - All computers are securely placed in a locked vehicle for transport to processing facility.
  • Secure Packaging: All hard drives are place in a secure and locked container.

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