Buying your next computer or device at TechReuse is a great way to save money and conserve resources. We offer laptops, tablets, Macbooks and smartphones at price points that fit every budget. All computers have a warranty and are TechReuse Certified which means they have passed our rigorous quality control standards and are guaranteed to be fully functional.

BUY ONLINE: Order and get your next computer shipped directly to you. 

BUY AT THE REUSE STORE: If you are in the Seattle area stop by the store to see what we have in stock. Inventory at our store is much wider than our online store. And it's generally less expensive since it doesn't include shipping costs. Visit the Reuse Store.

BUY ON EBAY: Many parts, peripherals and random items are listed on our Ebay site. See Gotechreuse  

We can do custom and bulk orders. Contact us for details.

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